Encounters in Manaroi : Pon Jelly

Pon Jelly Darting through the water with motions too quick to be anything but a predator, a jelly-like creature hovers just out of distance of any long-reaching weapon for but a moment, before firing what appears to be a magjyyickial stream of boiling water at you! The monster is prepared to strike! Hunters of the […]

Encounters in Manaroi : Scrap Crawler

Hello Everyone! As a foreword, Manaroi is a setting I am working on in collaboration between a few of my cohorts and myself. It will be our first large commercially released product, and I will be doing my best to make it as awesome as possible! That being said, using Fantasy AGE as a base, […]

Deranged Coin Flicking!

Grabblas – A fantasy sport for any number of deranged paper flickers. Required Tools – One coin (quarters work best I have found, but anything is fine, just be aware of the ballistics of them.) – One piece of tape for each player involved – A ‘card’ for each player These cards are standard TCG […]

Scarn – The Aftermath

So if you guys have been paying attention to my Twitter (If not I’m @Hadro_Collider_ to match my Twitch handle) you will notice that I have been slowly building a setting day-by-day 150 characters at a time. Scarn, was originally going to be a larger area with some more information other than historical, but time […]